Walt Disney World Adventure – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 903

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Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week the geeks are coming to you from Walt Disney World, more specifically, Disney's Animal Kingdom. The geeks share about their favorite moments of the trip so far from a [...]

Walt Disney World Resort Focuses on Entertainment in 2019 by Introducing New Entertainment and Saying Goodbye to Old

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Walt Disney World Resort has unveiled its entertainment lineup for 2019! The announcement was both a look into the future while also saying goodbye to the past. The new entertainment lineup will begin on January [...]

Get Up Close and Personal With a Rhinoceros at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starting November 1st With New Tour!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wejqbzG-x0 Guests visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom will soon have the chance to get closer than ever before to rhinoceros during a 1-hour tour. The "Up Close with Rhinos" tour will be available for guests to experience [...]

New Baby Giraffe Makes Debut in Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqNaq8e5ZJ8 A new baby giraffe has arrived at the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Named Aella, she is currently a two-month-old Masai giraffe calf. She was born on June 29th and stood more than five [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Festival of The Lion King

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great place to go for entertainment. Wandering around the park, there is a variety of different entertainment offerings from around the globe. There is both atmosphere entertainment and also stage [...]

A World of Magic – DISNEY Reporter

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Welcome to another edition of DISNEY Reporter. Each week Mr. DAPs reports on the top headlines from the Disney and geek communities. This week there is a lot of news from the Walt Disney World [...]

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Now Available in Front of Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons make a couple's most special day even more magical. Now couples can have their magical moment in front of the magical Tree of Life. This icon of Disney's Animal [...]

Start to Experience Joy Through the Walt Disney World Resort on November 8!

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The holiday season is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort on November 8th this year! Disney is sharing that guests will be able to "experience joy through the Walt Disney World Resort" this year [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Finding Nemo – The Musical

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One of my favorite shows to catch at Walt Disney World is Finding Nemo - The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Already a fan of the original Pixar film, this took things to a new [...]