Happiest Galaxy – DISNEY Reporter

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Welcome to another edition of DISNEY Reporter. This week there were several big stories DAPS MAGIC covered in the realms of Disney and geek news. This week Disneyland hosted its first Star Wars Nite event. [...]

The Most Unique Experiences Come From a Galaxy Far Far Away at Star Wars Nite

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Imagine yourself in Tomorrowland on Star Wars Nite. There's an energy unlike any other as you're surrounded by Star Wars superfans and the music from the series. Just as you start to get into the fun, [...]

Step Into the Magic – GEEKS CORNER (With Special Guest Bret Iwan) – Episode 830

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Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week we have a special guest Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse, joining on the geeks on the set! Throughout the show, the geeks chat about Dapper Day, Star [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean Closes at Disneyland for Redheaded Updates!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow_t1mF5q-c On Sunday Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean said goodbye to the original version of the 'redhead' as it closed to update the scene. This follows the update that has already come to Walt Disney [...]

Celebrate Family Fun this Summer with ‘Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest’ on May 12 at the Disneyland Resort

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This summer, Disney will be celebrating an all-new daily programming schedule on the family-centered Disney Channel! On May 12, the Disneyland Resort will be hosting many of your favorite Disney Channel stars and celebrating all the memories [...]