Secrets of the Making of Marvel and Star Trek Films and Shows from Award Winning Creatives

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Emily Coutts and Ariel Barer moderated a panel of several of the creative visionaries behind music, make-up and costumes for Marvel shows, movies, and Star Trek.  Emily Coutts stars on Star Trek: Discovery, and Ariel [...]

Star Wars Legend John Williams is Now Writing a Theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story

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As more details come out about Solo: A Star Wars, it just appears to be getting better and better. The movie, which stars Aiden Ehrenreich as a young on Solo, is now being directed by [...]

John Williams to Score Star Wars VII

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While not a lot is known yet about Star Wars VII, it appears that John Williams will be the guy behind the music. At a press conference in Berlin for Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams confirmed the John Williams is the guy for the job. “For ‘Star Wars,’ it’s …

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