DIY Holiday Mickey Ears Under $10 – Walk-Through

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With the holidays fast approaching, I realized I was lacking any fun holiday accessories! I was thinking about snagging the new Mickey ears headband but was quickly reminded of the headache they would give me, and how expensive they would be! I then realized I could make my own, unique ears, with no large price tag or any headaches!

The headband was found at Target, as they have a large selection of headbands depending on what you want your base to look like! I chose a sparkly black pair for more of a glitzy look, and it came with a second in another color in case I decide to make another pair! All other decorations were found in the holiday section of my local craft store!

  1. Try on the headband to get an idea of where you want the “ears” to be! Mark this spot
  2. Hot glue the poms in place
  3. Cut off leaves and add decoration!

And that’s really all there was to it! The fun in this pair is that there are so many different ways and make it to represent your own style! The ears took roughly 20 minutes to make in total, and were under $10! I can’t wait to take these to Disneyland and show them off as I celebrate in the resort!
Will you be making your own ears this season? Let us know and tag us in the finish product!

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