Closing Time at Disney California Adventure! – Weekly Photo Update with Jay! 12-12-12

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Entrance to a California Christmas Adventure

Happy 12-12-12 everyone!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t make a photo update last week due to busy school work but I’m back this week with a similar update from two weeks ago. Last time I took you on a picture tour of Disneyland after closing time. This week I’m taking you on a California Adventure after the park has closed for the day!

Disney California Adventure usually ends its daily schedule at 11:00pm, one hour before Disneyland closes its gates. These were all taken with my Sony A-33 camera and some with my extra 1.8 lens. No tripod because, as I stated last week, I don’t like carrying it around all day… but maybe one day I’ll dedicate my entire visit to pictures and I’ll take my tripod!


Like I did with Disneyland, I started off at the back of the park and made my way down to the front. Because Buena Vista Street stays open for an hour extra, I would have more time for photos then. Paradise Pier is home to a very special type of Christmas Tree, full of red and gold colored ornaments! Definitely one of my favorites.


Paradise Pier is one of my favorite spots in Disney California Adventure, especially around sunset. Mickey’s Fun Wheel is just so photogenic and I never get tired of taking a new photo and sharing it.


Seasons Speedings from Cars Land! This is Cars Land’s very first Christmas and they sure went out with a bang! The cars themed christmas decorations all over the land are very clever and fun, and I definitely love them. Especially Snowy the snow car! Only Disney and Pixar would have thought of such a fun decoration to greet guests as they enter Radiator Springs.


Would you rather spend your night at the Cozy Cones Motel, or the Twilight-Zone Hollywood Tower Hotel? I honestly would rather stay at the Cozy Cones… I heard that the Hollywood Tower Hotel has had some terrorizing activity going on recently…


Luigi’s Flying Tires is home to the world famous leaning tower of tires, of course! And for Christmas, Luigi decided to put up some red and green lights around the tower of tires. A very Italian touch to his Christmas.


Looking for a great street side diner? Look no more! Flo’s V8 Cafe is a delicious and festive for a pitstop. Finest Diner on Route 66!


Merry Carsmas! Stanley, the Radiator Springs Founder, is decked out for the holidays and watches his guests leave the park for the night. He also admires the new Christmas garlands and lights that Mater and friends have worked hard to put together.


Cars aren’t the only ones that love to celebrate the holidays. If you enter “A Bug’s Land,” you will find larger than life Christmas ornaments and lights!


The Buena Vista Street Christmas Tree.

The newest Christmas tree to Disney California Adventure has definitely brought the 1920s Christmas spirit to the park. Definitely authentic to the “Roaring 20s.” If you take a good look at this tree, you will find trolley themed ornaments even a choo-choo train under the tree! Each evening, the Buena Vista Street Community Bell Ringers gather in Carthay Circle with all of the  Citizens of Buena Vista Street to help light up this beautiful tree. Definitely something you won’t want to miss.


A 1920’s Christmas

As you pass the bridge, the beautiful Carthay Circle Theater, along with the first Buena Vista Street Christmas tree, are revelad. Like Cars Land, this is the first Christmas that Buena Vista Street celebrates. Everyone is in the holiday spirit, even the jolly Citizens of Buena Vista Street that welcome guests every day. Be sure to also visit Santa Claus inside Elias & Co!


 A final goodnight to Disney California Adventure

That is all for today’s update, I hope everyone enjoyed my photos of the empty landmarks of Disney California Adventure!

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  1. mrdaps December 12, 2012 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    LOVED this one! Thanks so much jaysquivel ! I liked each one better than the last! 🙂

    • jaysquivel December 12, 2012 at 10:44 pm - Reply

      @mrdaps thank you so much! I’m glad I can share them on here! 🙂

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