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  • Influencing Magic Episode #6: Puppeteer Sarah Berman

    Influencing Magic Episode #6: Puppeteer Sarah Berman

    In this episode of Influencing Magic, Mr. Daps and Annie interview Sarah Berman and learn all about puppetry! Sarah Berman is a seasoned comedian, voice-over artist, and puppeteer, She is best known for playing the titular role of WAFFLES in Michelle Obama’s, Waffles + Mochi on Netflix (season 2.) Currently, she can be found as…

  • Geek Eats: Pumpkin Waffles

    Geek Eats: Pumpkin Waffles

    Fall usually means crisper weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin everything. While we may not have the first two here in Southern California, we still enjoy making pumpkin food! I purchased some pumpkin pancake and waffle mix from Trader Joe’s, which is one of my favorite fall treats. It’s super easy, and the only additional ingredients…