Mr. DAPs and Hayley the Hatter at Disneyland - Bow Ties by Hayley

Hayley the Hatter is a talented artist, seamstress, and photographer in the Orange County area. She is  an expert Disney Bounder and a regular visitor to the Disneyland Resort with dozens of different Disney Bounding outfits to her name that have been replicated by countless other Disney fans from around the world.

Her creations are now found on DAPs Magic, beginning with freestyle bow ties with more options coming in the near future.

Hayley the Hatter can be found on tumblr, instagram, and twitter.

Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter

Dr. Who isn’t the only one who thinks “bow ties are cool.” Mr. DAPs wears bow ties and can often be found at Disneyland wearing them as he strolls through the park. Disney bounding aficionado Hayley the Hatter is now creating hand-made bow ties for Mr. DAPs and others who want themed bow ties. These are perfect for those who want to wear bow ties regularly or are preparing for Dapper Day!

Hayley the Hatter creates freestyle (self tied) bow ties that are individually made. Every bow tie pattern will have a limited run with each tie being meticulously cut by hand and then crafted to create a personalized bow tie for the future wearer.

Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter Patterns

Lightning McQueen Freestyle Bow Tie

Star Wars Freestyle Bow Tie

Star Wars Bow Ties are made of Flannel

Marvel Comic Books Freestyle Bow Tie

Hayley the Hatter Prices

  • Bow Tie – $25
  • Child Bow Tie (Coming Soon!) – $20
  • Dapper Day Special Coming Soon!

Sizing for Bow Ties

Sizing for bow ties is relatively easy. Use a tape measure to measure all the way around the collar band of the person who will be wearing a Bow Tie by Hayley the Hatter. Begin and end the measurement at the collar button. An average man’s measurement should be between 14.5 and 17.5 inches. If uncomfortable with this process, visit a menswear store and they should be able to measure neck size as well.

To order please contact Hayley the Hatter through the following form:

How to Tie a Freestyle Bow Tie by Hayley the Hatter 

Tying a bow tie can seem daunting. With a little practice however, the wearer will soon discover that freestyle bow ties are quite easy to tie and wear. Before getting overwhelmed, consider this: If you can tie shoes, you can tie a bow tie. It is the same thing. Here is how to tie a freestyle bow tie:

  1. Drape bow tie around neck and grasp both ends. The end on the right side should be about 1.5 inches lower than that of the left.
  2. Cross the long end of the bow tie over the short end. The point of crossing should be fairly close to the collar button but not right on it. You will need room to tie your bow tie  but won’t want it dangling on your chest either.
  3. Pull the longer end of the bow tie up behind the cross and then tighten the knot if necessary.
  4. Flip long end of bow tie onto right shoulder.
  5. Fold short end in front of knot by holding the loose end with left hand and folding the tie in front of itself with right hand. This should make it look like a bow tie now with each bow in front of a collar point.
  6. Drop the half of the tie on your shoulder in front of the bow.
  7. Push finger through back of the knot where there is a tunnel.
  8. Pull the middle of the dangling side through the tunnel behind the knot. This is now forming the back half of the bow.
  9.  Tighten and mold the bow tie until it looks right. Tighten by pulling the back of the folded loop of the tie. Mold by twisting and pinching.

Here is how Alton Brown ties bow ties: