Mr. DAPs

The founder of DAPs Magic, Mr. DAPs has lead the DAPs Magic team since day one. He writes regularly on both the DAPs Magic Daily News and also for Geeks Corner. He can be seen on camera hosting Geeks Corner and also covering events on the DAPs Magic youtube channel. He has a vast knowledge of Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, and several other geeky topics in his repertoire. He co-hosts DAPscast- the official podcast of DAPs Magic with Murray the Bellhop. An avid reader, he generally has a computer, iPhone, or iPad around to consume more information with. He also loves to travel globally and compose/arrange/record music. Several of these compositions can be found on the Primordial Penguins website.

Mr. DAPs is a member of the DAPs Magic Brain Trust.

Mr. DAPs can be found on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube, Google+

Johnny 5

– Johnny 5 first appeared on DAPs Magic as co-host of Geeks Corner – the Webshow. Since day one, he has continued to help plan, execute, and produce Geeks Corner. He also now contributes on the Geeks Corner blog and the DAPs Magic Daily News. When not on camera or writing, he can be found behind the camera filming special segments and events for DAPs Magic or Geeks Corner. He also is a gifted editor who has brought the magic to many DAPs Magic productions.

Johnny 5 is also a member of the DAPs Magic Brain Trust.

Johnny 5 can be found on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Hayley the Hatter

Hayley is a talented photographer, seamstress, designer, and Disney bounder. She also has become a fantastic sounding board for ideas for DAPs Magic, Geeks Corner, and Geeks Corner – the Webshow. She can be found in front of the camera on Geeks Corner – the Webshow. She also runs the tumblr for Geeks Corner.

Hayley is a part of the DAPs Magic Brain Trust.

Hayley can be found on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

Murray the Bellhop

Murray the Bellhop writes for both DAPs Magic Daily News and also Geeks Corner. He also can be found doing segments for both of the corresponding YouTube channels where he works both in front of and behind the camera. He often covers the Marvel universe along with random stories from the Walt Disney Company (including Disneyland). Recently, he has become the Knott’s Berry Farm correspondent for DAPs Magic. He met Mr. DAPs on Disneyland’s birthday and a friendship ensued and eventually a partnership as he became part of the team of DAPs Magic and co-host for DAPscast- the official podcast of DAPs Magic.

Murray is a valuable member of the DAPs Magic team and also part of the DAPs Magic Brain Trust.

Murray can be found on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram


A true geek at heart, Tyler is an essential part of the DAPs Magic team. He regularly produces Geeks Corner – the Webshow as he makes sure that the geeks look and sound good. Tyler constantly tests new technologies for the website and webshow to keep things as up to date as possible. He also frequently appears as a guest on Geeks Corner – the Webshow and is a resident geek expert on Geeks Corner Reports. When not working on Geeks Corner, he has helped with filming stories in his capacity as a videographer.

Tyler is a part of the DAPs Magic Brain Trust.

Tyler can be found on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit keeps things running smoothly on Geeks Corner. Behind the scenes, he always is the fact checker. He also contributes regularly as a producer, social media manager, and stage manager.

Roger can be found on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram

Geeks Corner Puppets/Zuppets

Adam – Precocious six year old that will say anything and everything. Very naive and always says the wrong thing at the right time.

Art’is – That crazy guy from Jamaica. He’s a bit of a wildcard and seems to see just find despite having no eyes. He’s also a bit of a ladies man.

Blue Monster – (two handed puppet) – Blue Monster may be scary looking but he is incredibly smart and incredibly kind. He just wants everyone to get along, make the world a better place, and read.

Egon Bonkers – Thinks he’s the greatest on air anchor since Walter Cronkite, incredibly good at reading the news but pretty bad at anything else. Always falls in love with the local weather girl who never returns his affections. 

John Lasseter – Nobody knows if this is really Lasseter or not because he never says anything. He sure looks like him though!

Sebby – A penguin from Jamaica who has a lot to talk about but is nearly impossible to understand (roughly one word in 20 is understandable). He is quite opinionated and occasionally can be quite grumpy. It also turns out, he is a genius on just about any subject.

Tech Support Steve – (Same puppet as Ted) Steve is everyone’s tech support nightmare come true. However, Steve is really that nightmare in daily life and not only on the phone.

Ted – The penguin with the Red Bow Tie. He either is British or just thinks he is (because really, is it possible for penguin to be British?). He is high strung, prone to tantrums, and incredibly opinionated on everything. Where Sebby at heart is a big softy from the beach, Ted is an eccentric stickler who wants nothing more than to be part of the Primordial Penguins. 






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