The Bootstrappers are a live entertainment group that can be found performing in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Dressed in pirate-inspired costumes, the Bootstrappers bring the lively sounds of swashbuckling sea shanties and traditional folk music to the park.

The Bootstrappers consist of a small group of talented musicians who play a variety of instruments including guitars, banjos, fiddles, and accordions. They create an immersive experience for guests by interacting with the crowd, singing catchy tunes, and sharing their playful pirate personalities.

Their performances often take place near the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean attraction or along the streets of New Orleans Square. Guests can gather around to enjoy the energetic music, clap along to the rhythm, and even join in the singing if they wish.

The Bootstrappers’ music blends seamlessly with the ambiance of New Orleans Square, adding to the immersive experience of stepping into a vibrant and lively pirate-infested world. They create an atmosphere of fun and adventure, engaging guests of all ages and bringing a touch of whimsy to the park.

If you happen to come across the Bootstrappers during your visit to Disneyland, be sure to take a moment to enjoy their lively performances. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the spirit of pirates, sing along to classic sea shanties, and be entertained by the talent and enthusiasm of these talented musicians.