Mickey’s House is a walkthrough attraction at Disneyland in California that takes guests on a tour of Mickey Mouse’s charming and colorful home. It is located in Mickey’s Toontown, a whimsical area of the park designed to resemble the cartoonish world of the Disney characters.

As visitors approach the front door of Mickey’s house, they will notice the familiar shape of Mickey’s head as the door knocker. Inside, guests are greeted by the main living area, which features a fireplace and a number of interactive elements. For example, the television set in the living room plays a continuous loop of classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Visitors can then explore the rest of the house, which includes Mickey’s kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The kitchen is filled with playful touches, such as a toaster that pops out toast shaped like Mickey’s head. In the bedroom, guests can see Mickey’s bed and his wardrobe, which includes some of his signature outfits from various movies and TV shows.

As visitors exit Mickey’s house, they are welcomed into his backyard, which includes a garden and a small play area. Guests can take photos with Mickey Mouse himself in a designated meet and greet area.