Mickey’s Mix Magic is a nighttime spectacular that takes place at Disneyland park. The show features state-of-the-art projections, lighting effects, lasers, and fireworks that light up the night sky over Main Street, U.S.A. and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The show is hosted by Mickey Mouse, who appears in animated form on the castle and leads the audience on a journey through some of the most beloved Disney films and music. Classic Disney songs are remixed with modern beats, creating a high-energy dance party atmosphere. The soundtrack also features special overlays by DJ Marshmello, adding to the modern vibe of the show.

In addition to the music and projections, the show also includes special effects like snow, bubbles, and confetti, as well as pyrotechnics that light up the sky in brilliant bursts of color and light.

Mickey’s Mix Magic is typically presented on select nights throughout the year, with showtimes and schedules varying based on the season and park hours.