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The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is an attraction located inside Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. It takes guests on a journey through the story of Sleeping Beauty using a series of interactive dioramas and exhibits. The walkthrough begins at the entrance to the castle, where guests are greeted by storybook pages depicting scenes from the movie.

As guests make their way through the castle, they encounter a series of dioramas and exhibits that tell the story of Sleeping Beauty in more detail. Some of the highlights include a scene of Princess Aurora’s birth, a scene of the Three Good Fairies giving gifts to the baby princess, and a scene of Maleficent’s curse.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is a unique and charming attraction at Disneyland, appealing to guests of all ages who want to experience the magic and wonder of a classic Disney fairy tale. The attraction is suitable for guests of all ages.