Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany is a merchandise location that offers a wide range of magical merchandise inspired by the world of Disney’s legendary wizard, Merlin. Located in Fantasyland at the back of Sleeping Beauty Castle, this shop is themed like a medieval wizard’s emporium, complete with enchanting decor and magical effects.

Inside Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany, guests will find a variety of merchandise, such as apparel, hats, accessories, and home decor, all with a magical twist. There are also several items related to Disney’s classic animated film, “The Sword in the Stone,” which features Merlin as a central character.

Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany is a whimsical and enchanting destination that offers a unique shopping experience in the heart of Fantasyland. Whether you’re a fan of Merlin or simply love all things magical, this shop is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Disneyland.