Maurice’s Treats is a food stand located in the Fantasy Faire section of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The stand serves a variety of sweet and savory treats, with a focus on French-inspired snacks.

One of the most popular items at Maurice’s Treats is the cheddar garlic bagel twist, which is a warm, twisted bagel covered in garlic and cheddar cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, Maurice’s Treats offers a rotating variety of pastries and sweets, such as Maurice’s Pieces. These are donut holes tossed in a signature sugar – chocolate sugar, cinnamon sugar, or milk & cookies sugar.

Maurice’s Treats also offers a selection of beverages, including the Boysen Apple Freeze and nitro cold brew. The stand is decorated with French-inspired details, such as a sign advertising “Maurice’s Patisserie” and a cart filled with baguettes. Maurice’s Treats is a great spot to grab a quick snack or dessert while exploring the Fantasy Faire section of Disneyland. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory bagel twist or a sweet pastry, Maurice’s Treats has something for everyone.