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The Casey Jr. Circus Train is a classic attraction located in the Fantasyland section of Disneyland. The ride is based on the locomotive character from Disney’s animated movie “Dumbo” and takes guests on a tour through various scenes and vignettes inspired by the movie. As guests board the circus train, they are greeted by the sound of a whistle and the puffing of the engine as it begins its journey through the miniature circus world. The ride features a collection of brightly colored animal cars, including lions, giraffes, camels, and monkeys, all pulled by the playful Casey Jr. engine.

The train takes riders on a journey through a whimsical landscape, passing through tunnels and over bridges, and encountering a series of mini-scenes featuring characters and locations from “Dumbo.” Along the way, guests can spot familiar faces such as Timothy Mouse, the Ringmaster, and the Pink Elephants.

The Casey Jr. Circus Train is designed to appeal to guests of all ages, from young children to adults. It offers a gentle and enjoyable way to take in the sights and sounds of Fantasyland and to relive some of the magic of the classic Disney film. The ride has been a beloved part of Disneyland since its debut in 1955 and remains a popular attraction to this day.