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[Sticky] There's More to the Fire Than Just a Dragon

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Hi All! 

I just wrote a post about the implications of the Fantasmic! burning on Saturday night that stretch beyond just an animatronic being destroyed. Check it out here and let me know what you think! Also, let me know any ideas you have for how we can #keepkind and share that with cast members during this time! 

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Thanks for this article. I agree that it's really important to think about the people who were affected by this incident, both those who were there on the day, as well as those who are connected with the show. I can only imagine how much trauma this has caused everyone involved. As heartbreaking as it was to lose a beloved animatronic, the people affected are the ones who deserve our focus and care. 

I wish I knew more avenues to share those thoughts with cast members. What about some type of Daps Magic social media campaign sharing support? Are there CMs losing wages as a result of the show hiatus? If so, could we organize a donation page to help provide for essential needs during this time?

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