DAPs Studios DAPs Studios is the home of Geeks Corner and DAPscast. Each week at least one production is filmed or recorded in the studio. Through the years, DAPs Studios has been house in multiple locations before finding its current home. DAPs Studios is always a fun place to be as the DAPs Magic/Geeks Corner team strives to create awesome content for the interwebs.

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Before there was a DAPs Studios

When Geeks Corner began there wasn’t even a dream of creating a dedicated place to film Geeks Corner or our projects. Instead there was just a tiny porch that eventually had plants hanging from it. Eventually there would be the blue sign that would find its way to the porch as well. As Mr. DAPs & Johnny 5 got more creative and started to film special projects, they used what was around them but soon realized that it would be better to have a studio space.

DAPs Studios – Studio A

Then there was Studio A. It was small. It was hot. It was a dedicated space to film in however and it was a first step towards something bigger. This is where Mr. DAPs & Johnny 5 started to grow creatively and also in confidence. Eventually this would also be where they had their first live taping/streaming of Geeks Corner. Very quickly they learned that cramming a dozen people in a tiny space wasn’t such a good idea though and Studio A was outgrown and used only for special projects, interviews, and audio recordings.

DAPs Studios – Studio B

Studio B is where a lot of creativity could be imagined and realized. It was built with two walls that were green screens so that Geeks Corner or other special projects could be put into any environment. That is exactly what happened. Geeks Corner could be anywhere. The Primordial Penguins could shoot a music video in any environment. Special projects could be unlimited.

DAPs Studios – Studio C

Studio B was becoming used for more and more special projects and with all the usage of computer resources, it was soon realized that Geeks Corner needed its own corner. Studio C was created for that purpose. It was a dedicated location to film Geeks Corner. With a folding wall, it made for a location that could be expanded and used for other purposes as needed as well.

DAPs Studios – Studio D

Studio C spoiled the geeks and soon they wanted to expand and have a place where they could expand the studio to include a Wall of Geek. Studio D was built with a false wall behind Mr. DAPs desk. It was an excellent use of space and allowed for permanent light rigging and the decorations of the set continued to be added to while still at this building.

The New DAPs Studios

As often happens, things change. In February of 2014 DAPs Studios found itself in a new home. With this opportunity to create an all new set for Geeks Corner, a different look was decided upon. It draws from some of the interests of the geeks, Dr. Who, and Sherlock. The pattern on the wall behind Mr. DAPs’ desk was hand painted with a stencil that was hand made. Both of these tasks were accomplished by Hayley the Hatter. Mr. DAPs, Johnny 5, and Invisible Dan build the desk and Tardis. The Tardis was painted by Oscar and then details were painted on by Annie Hobbs.



Random Fun DAPs Studios Photos