Sunday Spotlight: Storybook Circus Giggle Gang

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In 2012 the Walt Disney World Resort saw Storybook Circus open in the Magic Kingdom. With this new circus-themed area came something that always comes with circuses... clowns! The Storybook Circus Giggle Gang were those [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Halloween Screams

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It's Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort! With Halloween Time comes Mickey's Halloween Party and with that, Halloween Screams! This firework spectacular is exclusive to the party nights. This wasn't always so though. In 2009, [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Laughing Stock Co.

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The Laughing Stock Company is a comedy troupe that performs at Disneyland. They can be found at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon throughout the day in Frontierland. In each show, Mayor Sam J. McGillicuddy, his daughter Sally [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Tarzan’s Treehouse

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Tarzan's Treehouse is a walk-through attraction in Adventureland at Disneyland. This massive tree is a re-imagining of what was originally the Swiss Family Treehouse. The tree itself is 80 feet tall. It has 450 branches [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Beauty and the Beast Storytelling at Fantasy Faire

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One of the most charming entertainment offerings comes from the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire. Every day Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones currently tell the stories of Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. They are accompanied [...]

Sunday Spotlight: it’s a small world

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One of the most beloved attractions at Disneyland is it's a small world. At Disneyland, it originally opened on May 28, 1966. It was originally created at Walt Disney Studios as Children of the World [...]

Sunday Spotlight: Festival of The Lion King

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great place to go for entertainment. Wandering around the park, there is a variety of different entertainment offerings from around the globe. There is both atmosphere entertainment and also stage [...]