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Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter

Mr. DAPs with Hayley the Hatter - Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter

Mr. DAPs with Hayley the Hatter at Disneyland – Bow Ties by Hayley the Hatter

Have you ever wanted to have a bow tie like Mr. DAPs? Now you can! Hayley the Hatter is creating original freestyle bow ties for your enjoyment. They can be worn on Dapper Day or if you are like Mr. DAPs, any day! Each bow tie is hand made and measured to fit the future wearer’s neck.

Bow ties were originally created during the Prussian Wars when Croat mercenaries would utilize scarves to keep their shirts closed. These evolved into either the neck tie or bow tie, history is foggy on this matter. However, the French adopted the practice and called them cravats (French for Croat) which then became bow ties and neck ties. They were worn by the fashionable upper class Frenchmen during the 18th and 19th centuries. Now, they are seen as a fashion accessory that is often coupled with being “dapper.” Mr. DAPs has worn bow ties for years. Others who have worn bow ties include James Bond, Pee-Wee Herman, Dr. Who, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Indiana Jones, Alton Brown, and many many more!

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