The Mandolorian Reveals Image and Directors for Upcoming Disney Streaming Service TV Show

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More details are coming out about The Mandalorian, the Star Wars live-action TV show being written and produced by Jon Favreau. After an Instagram post revealed the name and synopsis, more details were released on [...]

Details About Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Shared Ahead of Disney Streaming Service Release

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Jon Favreau is working on a new Star Wars live-action TV series for Disney's upcoming streaming service. Other than the fact that Favreau is going to both write and executive produce the series, not a [...]

Kathleen Kennedy on Board to Pilot Lucasfilm into Another Galaxy Far Far Away for Another Three Years

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Kathleen Kennedy will be continuing on as the president of Lucasfilm for another three years. The Walt Disney Company has extended the relationship with Kennedy in a move that is seen as a vote of [...]

ILMxLab Announces “Vader Immortal” The First Episode of A Star Wars VR Series Coming Home to Fans with Oculus Quest in 2019

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With time and technology, there are more and more different ways to experience Star Wars. Now thanks to Lucasfilm's ILMxLab and Facebook's Oculus, there will soon be another. On it was announced that the first [...]

The Best (and Worst) From EVERY Star Wars Film

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Star Wars fans. A unique breed of geek, capable of doing two things better than anyone else:     Rapturously debating finite details about the Star Wars universe     Making lightsaber wooshy noises at the drop of a [...]

Get a Look Into the Creatures of Solo: A Star Wars Story with this Concept Art to Celebrate the Film Available on Blu-Ray Today

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Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Solo: A Star Wars Story is available today on Blu-Ray! Along with seeing our favorite smuggler's origin story, we got an inside look at the concept art for Solo! Not [...]