Lego Releases A Must-Have Set For Any Star Wars Fan

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10 years ago, Lego announced their largest set up to that point, which was a Millennium Falcon that stood tall with 5,195 pieces total. It’s only appropriate that this year, they have announced their new largest set, and it is again the Millennium Falcon!

The set, which comes in at 7,541 pieces total, will hit shelves starting October 1st, and will retail for $800. Those pieces include 10 minifigs, and an option to use the round sensor dish from the original trilogy, or the rectangular sensor dish from The Force Awakens.

This is a ship that, once built, could make an amazing decoration to add to a room, and to have around to appreciate all the hard work that went into it! With the options to change out pieces and figures, you can constantly be changing it and adding more, so the fun is never done!

This particular Lego set is sure to be popular with collectors, and will most likely be flying out of stock, so make sure to grab yours fast! Will you be grabbing this set?

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