New Ink & Paint Cel Starring Goofy Available 3/7 at Disneyland Park

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Any Goofy fans out there? Here is an exciting new Ink & Paint Cel featuring the lovable Goofy. That’s right, available for a limited time at the Disney Gallery on Main Street inside of Disneyland Park from March 7 through April 7, is this great piece of artwork.


This hand painted Ink & Paint Cel stars Goofy as he skippers one of the Jungle Cruise boats. Titled “Jungle High Jinks,” a limited edition of 1,000 cels will be available in a wide variety of forms. This image will be offered in ranges of “Unframed, Framed, Framed Cel with Postcard and Framed Cel with Postcard and Pin.” If you wish to purchase the limited edition pin, this item will only be available with purchase of framed postcard and pin offering.

limited edition pin (LE 750)

limited edition pin (LE 750)

If you cannot make it to the park for these products, there is a special limited online purchase that can be found here.

The list of prices and formats are as followed:

  • Unframed Cel
    (Includes Signed Postcard)
    Retail: $150 Dimensions: 10.5” x 13”

  • Framed Cel
    (Available in a Black or Gold Frame; Includes Signed Postcard separately)
    Retail: $240 Framed Dimensions: 15” x 18”

  • Framed Cel and Postcard
    (Available in a Black or Gold Frame; Includes Signed Postcard)
    Retail: $260 Framed Dimensions: 18” x 22”

  • Framed Cel and Postcard with Pin
    (Available in a Black or Gold Frame; Includes Signed Postcard)
    Retail: $280 Framed Dimensions: 18” x 22”

What do you think of this Ink & Paint Cel?

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