When A Company Can Do No Right

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Normally, Jim Hill’s predicament wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But since his adversary is The Walt Disney Company-a business hamstrung by years of negative publicity…

… even the action Disney took against Hill has made headlines and prompted outcries of indignation.

To call Hill, who runs Jim Hill Media, a Disney fan is an understatement. His travel agency offers tours to various Disney properties. Much of his blog deals with Disneyana. And, for years, Hill has been giving unauthorized tours of Disneyland. For $25 a pop, visitors to the Anaheim theme park listen to Hill tell tales that aren’t part of the official Disney guided tours.

In a March 21 post on his blog, Hill tells the tale of his explusion from the park. It seems the folks at Disney didn’t like the idea that Hill was on their property making money from tours when Disney provides their own tour guides.

Needless to say, I was somewhat surprised by this reaction. As were the 10 or so people who were taking my 2 o’clock tour and watching all of this unfold from 5 feet away. I mean, yes, the JHM Disneyland tour does contain a few juicy stories. Which is why Chuck Oberleitner once called it “The

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